5 Workouts for women that will make you big in all the right places

Trying to build your dream body? Or just looking to feel more confident as a woman? These workouts will make you feel awesome & sexy! Whether you are looking for a great ab routine, an exercise to give that butt a bit more "oomph" or just looking for a total body workout, you are in the right place!

Down below we have compiled 5 of our most popular routines from our Instagram Page (@raceathleisure). Give them all a try & let us know which one you liked best in the comments.

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Fast & Easy Beginner Glute & Core workout

Looking to tone those legs & get a more stable core? Give this workout below a try! With some great essential leg & core exercises such as leg raises & sit-ups you can't go wrong. Furthermore this workout is great for starters!

Perform 3 to 5 sets in total for maximum effect.

Butt shaping workout

For those that want to put some more focus on toning their legs in general this is a perfect workout. The intensity is a bit higher, especially due to the lunges. However you will feel & see results fast with this one. Definitely a killer workout for a killer body!

Full body workout for busy women

Trying to fit a workout into your tight schedule? This might be the one you are looking for. Apart from some essential basics for your arms & core, there are also some squats & lunges for some great intesity (plus they really help you get that figure you want!). Give it a try and stick to 3 to 5 sets for the best results (however feel free to adjust it to your tight schedule).

Shape your killer booty

It is all in the name. Althought this workout will make you really work for that ass, it is the most effective one on this list to get that peachy butt you have always wanted. Proper form is essential & this one is really though, but stick to it & you will see results really fast!

Another Peachy bum workout

You want it, we got it. here is another workout that focuses on that lower body. We noticed these lower body workouts are insanely popular among you girls, so we wanted to make sure you have enough routines to switch it up. If you are looking to shape that lower body in an efficient way, this is another good workout routine.

What's next?

So, you have tried them all out & were wondering what's next? That's easy, mix & match these workouts, so that they fit perfectly with your schedule & stick to it to get the most out of it.

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